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Shop for blackout blinds

Blackout Roller blinds

Blackout Roller blinds

Go for blackout Roller blinds and you can create a dark sleep-friendly bedroom anytime you want. The special fabric helps stop the sunshine getting in through a window.

  • Browse our gorgeous range of blackout Roller Blinds
From 15€

Blackout children’s Roller blinds

You’ll find lots of adorable and colourful styles in our blackout children’s Roller blinds. So take a look through the collection for a design your child loves.

  • Choose from our lovely range of 33 Blackout children's Roller blinds
From 15€

Blackout Pleated blinds

Blackout Pleated blinds are smart and stylish and make it easy for you to enjoy long, long sleeps. The tidy design takes up a tiny amount of space at the window. And the special fabric helps stop sunshine from getting into your room, keeping it dark and totally sleep friendly.