How to fit Perfect Fit blinds

Fitting your new Perfect Fit blind is easy. Our helpful step-by-step video guide shows how to fit your Perfect Fit Pleated or Venetian blind. With our straightforward advice and guidance, you’ll have your blind up in no time at all.The beauty of Perfect Fit blinds is that they don’t require any drilling, making them even simpler to fit. Your frame clicks neatly into position and your blind fits snugly into the frame, leaving a clean finish without control chords.Don’t forget that your windows need to be made from uPVC to be suitable for Perfect Fit blinds!

  • The fixtures and fittings for your blind can be found within the packaging, so make sure you don’t throw them away.
  • It’s also a good idea to download our handy pdf instructions.
  • Now you’re ready to get started.

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How to fit Perfect-Fit blinds (video audio transcript)

In this video I’ll show you how to fit you Perfect Fit blind.

I’ve already taken it out of its packaging and laid it out in front of me, unravelling the cords carefully. Don’t throw away your brackets by mistake, they are tucked in with your packaging.

Because I have a hard floor, I’ve put a cloth down to stop the frame from scratching, so you may want to consider this.

It’s really easy to put together. With it all laid out carefully, push one of the corner sections into the top until it clicks and repeat on the other three corners. You may find that because of the cords, it’s under a little bit of tension, but don’t worry about that too much.

Once you are happy it’s all looking the correct shape, tighten up the screws using a crosshead screwdriver and repeat for the other three corners.

Once it is all securely put together, it’s time to fit your brackets. In addition to the four brackets, you will need two very surprising things; washing up liquid and a credit card. A credit card is exactly the right size to fit against the window to get the spacing for where the brackets will go. Push your card against the glass, then the bracket slips in between the rubber seal and the glass. The bracket needs to touch the top of the card. You then know that it’s in exactly the right position. If the bracket won’t go in very easily, that’s where the washing up liquid comes in. Put a little dash on the base to help it go into position. Repeat the same procedure for all brackets.

Now clip the blind onto the four brackets.

That was for a Pleated Blind, but for a Venetian Blind it’s almost exactly the same.