How to fit Vertical blinds

When it comes to fitting your new Vertical blind, our helpful video and instructions have all the advice and guidance you need to fit your blind correctly.

Whether you are top fixing to the inside of your recess or face fixing to the outside of your window, we’ll take you through step-by-step and show you which brackets to use in each case.

You’ll find all the fixtures and fittings within the packaging, so take care not to throw them away.

You’ll need to provide a few extra things:

  • A drill with the correct sized bit
  • A crossed head screwdriver
  • A pencil
  • A metal tape measure

Now you’re ready to get started.

If you need any additional advice, call our friendly team on 0845 604 9611.

How to fit your Vertical blind – Video Transcript

In this video we’ll show you how to fit your Vertical blind.

You will need:
A drill with the correct sized bit
A crossed head screwdriver
A pencil
A tape measure

You’ll also need the tools and fittings that come with your blind, which are:
Brackets (two sets provided depending on whether you’re face or top fixing )
Rawl plugs
Wood screws
Stabilising chains
Louvre hangers (1 per louvre)
Allen key

Remember to check for your brackets before throwing away the packaging – they’re packed with the head rail. The two set of brackets differ depending on whether you’ll be top or face fixing your blind.


To fix the brackets
• Position brackets a suitable distance away from window handles or other obstructions. If top fixing, use a louvre hanger as a guide. If face fixing, mark where the screws will go using the holes in the bracket as a guide. Brackets should be 5cm in from each end of the head rail. Space other brackets evenly.
• For wall/lintel use a drill and rawl plugs. For wooden frames, screw brackets into position. Fix the bracket and repeat for other side.

To fix the head rail
• To face fix, loosen the screws on the front of the brackets, hook the head rail into position and tighten the brackets to secure.
• To top fix, with the thumb tab on the bracket facing back, hook the front edge of the head rail into the bracket and push up at the back until it clicks into position.

To fit the wand
• Hook onto the eyelet on the head rail. Turn the hooks to the open position with the wand.

To fit the louvres
• Top tip – keep the louvres rolled up and slot a hanger into each one. Make sure they’re the same way. Keep the protruding lugs facing up.
• Clip louvres onto the head rail.

To fit stabilising chain
• Hold the louvres together and snap the chain on starting from one end.