How to measure for Perfect Fit blinds

Measuring for Perfect Fit blinds is easy. Our handy step-by-step video guide will help you take accurate measurements, or you can download our pdf instructions and measuring template.The beauty of Perfect Fit blinds is that they don’t require any drilling, making them even simpler to fit. Your frame clicks neatly into position and your blind fits snugly into the frame, leaving a clean finish without control chords.

Your windows need to be made from uPVC to be suitable for Perfect Fit blinds. You also need to make sure you have a 6mm clearance around the outside of the window beading.

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Measuring Basics

  • Always try and use a metal tape measure, you will get a more accurate result
  • Have a paper and pen ready to write your measurements straight down
  • Look out for things like window handles or tiles. You’ll need to take their position into account to ensure a perfect fit!
  • Double check you are entering your measurements in mm, cm or inches

How to measure for perfect fit blinds (video audio transcript)

In this video we’re going to show you how to measure for a Perfect Fit blind.

It’s really easy to do; all you need is a metal tape measure, a pen and a pad. We prefer it if you measure in centimetres to the nearest millimetre, but if you prefer to measure in inches, you can convert it on the website before you place your order.

Only certain types of window are suitable for a Perfect Fit blind. You need to have at least 25mm clearance all the way around on all four sides, free of obstructions. You also need to make sure that the rubber seal between the frame and the glass doesn’t protrude any further than 6mm.

If your handle is more than 25mm away from the corner of the frame, you might need a filler piece, because the frame sticks out 10mm and there needs to be 10mm clearance between the inside of the handle and the frame. Once you are happy that your window is suitable, you can take your measurements.

Take three measurements for the width, measuring the glass only. You should find they will all be the same, but it’s worth double checking. Write down your measurements. Similarly check the drop in three places and write down that measurement. The third measurement you need is the depth of the window. This is the distance from the glass to the top of the frame – usually 18, 20 or 24mms.

Now you have your width, drop and depth measurements, you’re are ready to order your blind.

We recommend you take a look at the relevant fitting video before you order, so you know what to expect.