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A pretty pink nursery for baby Jessica

Moving can pretty stressful. But what about moving with a two week-old baby? When Claire and Dan moved house they did just that. And now baby girl Jessica is three months, we get a peek into the pretty nursery they’ve created for her.

“When we moved in,” explains Claire, “our house was definitely on the colourful side! From bright orange walls next to blue ones to a giant eye mural – yes, really – in the living room, it was definitely time to put our own stamp on the place.

“Pink was the order of the day for Jess’ room, and this sugary shade was so sweet we couldn’t resist. The walls were a deep blue before: it took three coats of undercoat and three coats of pink to get it to cover properly. The upside was that I’ve never seen a painted wall so true to a pot of paint!

“We added fun wallpaper to the wall near Jess’ crib. She gurgles every time she sees it, so we reckon it’s a hit!

“I really enjoyed adding the finishing touches. From the pretty IKEA flower lamp to a cute mobile over the crib and a little plaque with Jessica’s name on the door, it was so lovely to design the whole thing from scratch.

Pink themed nursery

“And then it came to the window…The previous tenants left thin curtains, which any parent will know is not enough to keep a little one asleep! So a blackout blind was the top of our priorities.

“In the past, we’ve bought readymade blinds and cut them down, but one of our friends recommended we try Web-Blinds. We really liked the selection, and ordered a handful of pink blinds – some plain and some with pretty spots.

Pink Roller blind

“When the samples arrived, blackout coated Luna Pink was a standout winner. I was amazed by how perfectly the paint had matched the swatch, and now I couldn’t believe how well the walls and the fabric matched too. They were nearly identical!

“So, we set about ordering our chosen blind. We were worried it was going to be loads more expensive, but we were very pleased with the price.”

“Fitting was a doddle too,” explains Dan. “I like to think of myself as fairly handy, but I wasn’t sure how simple it would be. I was dead chuffed when it was up in no time!

Pink themed nursery with crib

“Although we’d probably choose not to move with a 2 week-old baby again, it forced us to get things ready quickly. We had to do Jess’ room at top speed, and our blind from Web-Blinds was the finishing touch that made the nursery ready for our baby.

“We’d always choose made-to-measure blinds now, and we plan to update the windows throughout our new home. And we know exactly where to look!”

Pink Roller blind

Fact File: Meet Claire, Dan and baby Jessica

Our home: We moved into our three-bedroom home in Leicestershire two and a half months ago. There are plenty of things we want to change, but with a bedroom for us, one for Jessica and one spare, it’s future-proof for another arrival.

Our room then: We didn’t think deep blue screamed ‘little girl’s nursery’ so it had to go. The alcove near Jessica’s crib was painted a hideous orange, and there were thin curtains at the window.

Our room now: Now the whole room is pretty as a peach, and most importantly, with a new blackout blind at the window, our little girl sleeps through the night!

Proudest project: Doing up Jessica’s room from scratch was something I thoroughly enjoyed, and I really can’t wait to get my teeth into the next project.

If you’ve got a makeover story like Claire and Dan’s, we’d love to hear from you. Drop us an email at