Troubleshooting tips

Is there a problem with your blinds? Then you’re likely to find an instant fix for the issue by clicking on one of the dropdown tabs below.

If not, call our team, on 0845 604 9611, or 1890 995 009 if you live in Ireland. They’re available between 8am and 6pm every Monday to Friday, and from 9am to 1pm on Saturdays. Or email us anytime.

The louvres on my Vertical blind won’t rotate

If wand operated:
Open the blind. Please rotate the wand until the slats are in the closed position. Open the blind. In the same direction keep twisting you will feel a small amount of resistance and hear a clicking noise. Once the louvres line up operate as normal.

If cord operated:
This is easy to fix. Open your blinds then remove all the louvres from the hooks on the headrail. Use the tilt chain and turn the hooks one way until they are all aligned.
You might have to give the cords a good tug and you’ll hear a loud click, but this is perfectly normal so don’t worry. This will fix the issue and you can rehang your louvres.

My cordless Roller blind won’t wind up

Occasionally, your cordless Roller blind may lose tension. It’s characteristic of the blind type and it’s really easy to adjust. Take a look at our video for the full step-by-step process. Or carry on reading below.

  • When you fitted your cordless Roller blind, you will have slightly pulled out a pin to engage the tension. This same pin will help you to re-tension your blind.
  • Firstly, ensure the pin in pulled out 2 – 3 mm then lower the blind and push the pin back in. Take out the Roller blind from the brackets and gently rewind the fabric back up to the top.
  • Replace the blind into the brackets and then release the pin 2 – 3mm as you did when you first fitted it. If you are still not satisfied with the amount of tension, repeat the above steps.
  • Be careful not to over tension your blind – otherwise you’ll end up with a blind that is frustrating to use.

The slats won’t rotate on my Venetian blinds

In the blind’s headrail, you’ll find a rod that’s come loose from the tilt controls. Simply reconnect the parts to solve the problem.

My wooden/aluminium venetian blind won't tilt

In the head rail above the tilt mechanism there is a cylinder (white), this should have the metal pole threaded through. If not please ensure this is threaded all the way inside the tilt mechanism to resolve the issue. If it is already threaded through the cylinder and it doesn’t work then it would require replacing.

My new Roman blinds are creased

Sometimes, Roman blinds will crease during delivery. Just hang them up and the folds will fall out naturally.

My Roman blind is hanging unevenly

First, you need to release the cords on the back of your blinds. To do this, slide out the middle section of the plastic components at the end of the cords.

Second, allow the fabric to hang freely, adjust the cords appropriately and reattach the plastic components so the blind hangs evenly.

Troubleshooting tips (for blinds bought since April 2014)

The tassel / consolidator has come apart on my blind cords

The tassel or consolidator that has come loose is your child-safety device. It’s designed to do this when put under pressure.

Just take the loose end and click it back into place.

Alternativley watch our troubleshooting video featuring a solution to this issue.

My control chain has snapped at the connector

Don’t worry – this is your blind’s child-safety device. Just put the loose end back in the connector. Alternativley watch our troubleshooting video featuring a solution to this issue.

There are some loose cords at the back of my Roman blind and it won’t open or close?

It’s OK when this happens – it’s one of your blind’s child-safety devices.

Your Roman blind features child-safe inner cords with two-part clips. If they come apart, push the small barrel section (on the cord) back on to the front of the other piece (on the blind).

Alternativley watch our troubleshooting video featuring a solution to this issue.